Grammar Up

Here is the latest issue of our magazine for teachers and learners of English. The topic of this issue is Science and Technology. Inside you will find texts about Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin, Nikola Tesla, Space exploration and scientific frauds. Moreover, there is a crossword to learn the vocabulary connected with science. Two texts are in the Grammar Up format and there is new kind of exercise called Grammar Up +.

Did you like the first two chapters of The Truck? There are two more in this issue.

And at the end there is a comic .


Komplexní angličtina

Nový revoluční způsob výuky angličtiny. Kniha má sine jen 28 stran, ale pro Vás to bude nejméně 10 hodin práce. A na konci Vás čeká odměna ve formě lepší angličtiny.

Komplexní angličtina - naučte se více!!!

Grammar Up

Sherlock Holmes

Three stories  about Sherlock Holmes. It is a simplified reader for learners of English. This book is suitable for intermediate learners.

Grammar Up

ELM - English Learning Magazine

The first issue of the magazine for students and teachers of  English. The topic of this issue is sport and this issue is completely free.

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Grammar Up Plus

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Každý týden zde čeká nová lekce pro všechny pokročilosti.

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The Long Tunnel

Original way to learn English and improve your grammar. 30 texts are first presented in good English and then the same text is presented without any grammar. And your task? Add the grammar!!! Grammar Up!!!